“Some of the most beautiful

Artistic Photos you’ve ever seen”

A Painter can create anything he wishes using his imagination, colors, textures and shapes on his canvas. A Photographer, however, needs to find the ideal subject and place as a basis for creating his photographic art. Some photographers go to great lengths to do this, like climbing snow covered mountains, or trekking through a hostile jungle or swamp…  and the final results can be extraordinary. This photographer prefers to photograph everyday things, like flowers, sunsets, people, animals and landscapes, and then manipulate the photographs (or not) to achieve his photographic art.

The photographs shown on this website are examples of the work created by Steve Ravner, over many years as a dedicated, serious photo enthusiast. They represent a much larger body of work, which started decades ago using film cameras, and exotic darkroom techniques to make one-of-a-kind prints for display. With the technological advances using digital cameras and computers, the “artistic” aspects of photography greatly multiplied, and have been employed to achieve the imagination of the photographer… not quite as freely as a painter, but close enough.

About this Website

All of the web pages have large header “sliders”, short slide shows, with some of the most dramatic, interesting or unusual photographs.

The Galleries contain a large number of different types of photos in various categories, and can be viewed as individual large images, either manually advanced, or automatically as a slide show – your choice.

The Before & After page contains several examples of computer manipulated photographs, in their original form and the final form. These are viewed using a side-to-side slide action which reveals the After photo under the Before photo.

The Awards page contains a selection of photographs that have won recognition in competition – including the Guild of Creative Art, the Monmouth Camera Club, the Monmouth County Senior Art Exhibit & Competition and the NJ State Senior Art Exhibit & Competition.