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Steve Ravner

Artistic Photographer

Photography has been a part of Steve’s life for as long as he can remember. His father was an avid photographer and movie maker, and got Steve started as soon as he was able to “point and shoot” his original Kodak Brownie box camera. Steve began black & white darkroom work, in a bathroom, at around 10 years of age, and progressed to his own full color darkroom in the mid-1960’s. As his experience grew, so did his collection of photographic equipment, including 4×5 cameras and an extensive Hasselblad camera system (which he’s too sentimental to part with in this new digital camera era).

As an Electrical Engineer by training, Steve was quick to adapt to the digital imaging era, and started using Photoshop version 3 in the mid-1990’s… and every new version since. The combination of Steve’s artistic photography style and the limitless means of expression that can be achieved with digital image processing, became the basis for where he is today – retired from his former technology career and now enjoying the satisfaction obtained from creating photographic works of art, and being actively involved in camera club and art guild activities.

Steve has a special liking for nature photography, including landscapes, sunsets, flowers and animals. He also enjoys creating artistic abstract “modifications” to photographs with Photoshop and several other photo editing applications. Steve does all of his own archival digital color and black & white printing with a variety of archival pigment inkjet printers.

Steve is an Exhibiting Member of The Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury, NJ, and an Advanced Member of the Monmouth Camera Club, Colts Neck, NJ.